Maike Smit
On-farm Research & Development Officer and Grower Liaison

0491 201 274

Maike is both an on-farm research and development officer and grower liaison at Macadamia Direct. Hailing from South Africa, Maike’s long term passion for agriculture began in her childhood, growing up on a family farm.

Maike has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Pretoria and a Masters of Agricultural Sciences majoring in food safety and microbiological quality of macadamia nuts. During her post graduate studies, she worked part time as a food safety and quality officer at a South African macadamia nut processor, where she gained much experience in processing and the broader macadamia nut industry.

In January 2021 Maike joined the MD team. She is excited to broaden her knowledge on macadamia nut production and contribute to the success of the Australian industry. She believes that farming is a profoundly complex system involving a vast variety of micro and macro organisms all playing their part, contributing to the success of the production system. It is our role to carefully and responsibly manage these components to warrant sustainable production and industry expansion.

Something quirky about Maike: her ideal day (preferably Saturday) is when she can get up for an early morning run, dress up, spend time shopping and have a late afternoon BBQ with her husband and friends.