Andrew Pearce
Grower Liaison

0428 598 100

Andrew is extremely passionate about all things Macadamia.  Based in Queensland he enjoys working closely with growers to get the best result for their situation, sharing with them their challenges and successes.

Helping growers with farm management aiming for consistently high yields with premium quality is his focus.  Andrew’s understanding of all aspects of Macadamia production and his practical knowledge, based on years of experience as both a grower and in his current role as Grower Liaison make him the ideal person to help improve your bottom line.

Andrew’s hands on involvement in the Macadamia industry spans over 30 years and has helped shaped a fledgling industry into the growth industry it is today.  He is understandably proud of planting the first commercial Macadamia farm in Bundaberg with his family, and seeing the region grow into the largest and most innovative Macadamia production area in Australia, if not the World!

Something quirky about Andrew: He loves musicals and wishes he could tap dance like Hugh Jackman!