Elizabeth Braid
Macadamia Sales Customer Service Officer

Elizabeth joined the team in 2015 and is the Macadamia Sales Customer Service officer at MD.  Having managed a customer service team for a global FMCG company for over ten years, Elizabeth is passionate about customer relationships, efficient and accurate processing of documents, on time and in full deliveries of orders to our customers both international and domestic. During the last five years Elizabeth has built strong relationships throughout the supply chain that includes our customers overseas and domestic, various freight forwarders, transport companies, external depots, factory management team, warehouse team, and banking personnel.

Elizabeth’s proudest achievement at MD is to be part of the team that has seen the incredible growth of the business during the last five years with the value of orders growing by 50% during this period.

Something quirky about Elizabeth: Has been inside the main pyramid in Egypt including the Kings Chamber.